you are not a potato, you are fantastic and your Lagertha will be the death of us. (and we can help with the shield, no worries)

Boys are so easy. Girls are haaaard. -whiny noises- Although, yes, I may quite literally end up murdering all of you. Probably by accident.

(Oh god, no the shield is fine. It’s the fact that you guys are in a group and I haven’t been cosplaying on my own at MCM for some time and I’m just like WHAT IF NOBODY LIKES IT? Don’t mind me. I will work it out of my system, hopefully. xD)

Cai and I will be there early and run around London as Bond and Q on Thursday. Because we are dorks.

As for the actual Expo:

Friday: Hannibal - No flowercrowns this time, but I will try to make Will wear silly wolf ears, also I may be bringing a brain that I can pet. Which is totally Eddie’s fault.)

Saturday: Lagertha (Vikings) - The reason there won’t be flowercrowns is that I have to bring a big ass shield and sword. Also I might cry. But there are helpful Musketeers to support me. (I hope.) I AM REALLY AFRAID OF BEING ALONE WITH THIS, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME. I also realised, I have to be astonished by every Thor/Loki I see. Because Gods.

Sunday: Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview with the Vampire) - Because I’m apparently not doing enough cannibals already.

Please let me know, if you like to meet up! (Drop me an ask. Run up and talk to me - yes, I am looking at you, lovely person who didn’t dare to interrupt our Hannibal shoot last time. Don’t be scared, please. I DON’T ACTUALLY EAT PEOPLE!)

Lagertha’s Shield (Vikings) Part 1

These pictures are months old at this point, but now that I am finishing everything up, I can document my progress properly. Also, I need to explain why I haven’t been around (aside from boring reasons like dissertations).

The important thing to me was that the shield needed to be collapsible for transport. First there was the idea of folding it, but that would have left a huge gap in the middle. As it is now, the shield can be broken down in two parts, completely separate from each other. (If anyone’s interested, I can also show the whole assembly process on the finished shield sometime.)

Thank you to Cai for emotional support and planning as well as telling me all that I didn’t know about woodworking. Which was everything.

Lagertha’s Belt (Vikings Cosplay)

This thing was a piece of work. Cai made most of it, while he was at my place over the Summer, and I finished up the stitching over the last week (which surprisingly takes for-fucking-ever). Proof that my friends are amazingly talented and ridiculously patient (since I was building my shield at the time and he didn’t only have to wrestle with the leather but also listen to me yell at wood planks). Anyway, IT IS FINISHED!

Thank you, Cai. You’re wonderful and I love you.

Not dead.


This shoot was interesting, especially the looks we got from the neighbours were amusing.

Hannibal | Will


I am sorry that you cannot show your face in town ever again.

This shoot has been officially named “Will’s Nightmares” which include trying to murder Hannibal, who is clearly way too pleased with his friend spiralling into insanity. Aw, the good times.