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I just realised I have my hand in the front of Mel’s trousers…


Yep, so that happened.

(Cai, your face. Pfft.)


Howard looks like he’s looking Steve up and down here like ayyy whos a fitty

spaceparked as Howard Stark! 

This is the reason why I won’t be able to keep a straight face as Steve.


jemmalep as Enjolras // fearlessstateofmind as Courfeyrac // ciasty as Combeferre // Photos by spaceparked


do you hear the people sing?

ciasty as Combeferre // jemmalep as Enjolras // fearlessstateofmind as Courfeyrac // Photos by spaceparked


chief, centre, guide

 jemmalep as Enjolras // fearlessstateofmind as Courfeyrac // ciasty as Combeferre // Photos by spaceparked


I’m your new Quatermaster

fearlessstateofmind as Q from Skyfall // Photos

…you still have spots.


ciasty and fearlessstateofmind as 007 and Q from Skyfall // Photos

Thanks to Jemma, I am turning into actual Combeferre.

In all his moth-themed glory and bed hair.

Hello there! Me again:) Just wondering, what conventions do you have planned for this year? I'd love to get a picture with you:) (I've got a small gang of friends cospalying modern les mis with me in May for mcm expo:D)

Hey. <3 (I’ll publish this one, because others might like to know. :D)

So far the plan is as follows:

  • KitaCon in March. (Cai and I are doing Desert Bluffs on Friday; Ted/The Weather and Kevin. Skyfall on Saturday, Q and Bond. Canon Era Les Mis on Sunday; Courfeyrac and Combeferre. Together with Jemma’s Enjolras, we can get the golden trio together. :D) [Edit: Fuck, I’m so late with my reply, that this is already over. I’m a moron.]
  • MCM London Expo in May. (Thanks to exam schedules, we can do all three days. For now the plan is Avengers on Friday; Cai as Tony and Ed might stuff me in his Steve outfit, otherwise Bruce for me. Probably Interview with the Vampire on Saturday, depending on how well everything comes together; Cai as Daniel, myself as Louis. However, we always have Skyfall as a back-up and honestly, we just want to go to the National Gallery in those outfits. xD Sunday is Crowley from Supernatural. I’m really sorry, no Les Mis as of now. …although of course I’m always open for poor unfortunate soul looking to make a deal with the King of Hell.)
  • AnimagiC in August. (That’s a German convention I usually attend. No real plans yet. I would love to do Kaito Kid again, since Detective Conan/Case closed is much more popular in Germany than the UK. Kinda depends on who’s coming. Always happy to do Crowley for my Belgian babes. Or Sebastian Moran, if there is a Moriarty who wants me. Ahhh, the choices. I actually own full canon era and modern Grantaire cosplays, which I have never tried out.)
  • MCM London Expo in October. (Oh god, I’m not even at uni anymore at this point. Could all go up in flames. But if I can make it, I might have managed to put together Lagertha from Vikings, Fred Best from Ripper Street and Hannibal from NBC’s Hannibal. Don’t remind me how much I have to work on over the Summer.)

There might be others. I’ll update it as I go along in case anyone is interested. (Please feel free to just drop me random asks to check for specific events. I’m always thrilled to meet you guys. <3)



look at lovely Mel being a kawaii windbreak at the weekend when she came to visit

best windbreak, much Mel (also being irl modern Combeferre without even trying)

she froze her butt off along with Rachel, Cassie and I at Cassie’s SPG photoshoot (was so worth it tho) 

i think i’m smiling too much but that’s why i really love this girl and omg she is so cute *run away smiling*

You guys are all fucking insane. I still love you to pieces.